I see that audio books are becoming quite in vogue these days. I myself get though at least one audio book a month using Amazon’s Audible App. And I can get thoroughly lost with both a great story and, equally as important, an excellent narrator. 

I recently listened to: La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust by Phillip Pullman. I liked this book and would be interested in the next instalment, and The David Ash trilogy from James Herbert. The research and secret knowledge made known in these books is astonishing!

Nothing spoils a great story like having a naff voiceover artist whining their way through a carefully constructed narrative. So, I have taken that on board for a project I have bubbling in the background!

Talking of audio books, some of you may know you have access to a FREE audio version of the short ghost story, ’The Figure in the Mist’ once you sign up to my newsletters. But did you also know that it was played on Meridian FM, (in Sussex, England) about two years ago? That was a buzz, I can tell you — we had great fun that night. The DJ at the time, Chris Lomas, was kind enough to play the entire ghostly tale one evening to great feedback. We also discussed the other book I had out at the time, which was the thriller ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolfdog?’, I was able to answer various questions about both the book and writing in general. Hopefully I will be invited back again, when I announce my next twin book launch for The Christopher Daring Adventures. 

And, as I hinted at earlier, I hope to be back in the recording studio later this year with a very talented actress and voiceover artist, who is keen to narrate another of the books. I can’t tell you more yet as it is still a secret, but I will certainly keep you posted! 

The studio I use is Garage Studios in Sussex. Martin Smith there is a brilliant producer and has worked with many famous artists such as; Girls Aloud — pop band, Hossam Ramzy — Egyptian percussionist, composer and producer who has worked with incredible artists like the Gipsy Kings, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, and drummer Woody Woodmansey who used to work with David Bowie. Martin is also famous in his own right as he was in the legendary band ELO (Electric Light Orchestra). They were quite the musical ensemble in their heyday. 

So if you are looking for a sensibly priced and professional recording, look Martin up.

Until next month, happy hunting — or should I say happy listening…