I have finally decided to start a blog!

I have wondered if I should for a while, and I have now taken the plunge. My name is Stephen J Willis and I am an author of short stories, novellas and novels covering a range of genres. 

I sat and thought and pondered, what are the interests, areas of expertise and curiosities that fill my books and suddenly it came to me! I love researching the unusual, the intriguing and the out of this world. My books are filled with what are now known as Easter eggs, they probably get missed by most people but I put them in as whether or not they are spotted I have fun in the research, discovery and placing of them! 

I therefore, came to the logical conclusion that my blog should take you on my journey of curiosity and research to find out the unusual and interesting phenomena that goes on around us. I don’t claim it all to be true, as my musings take us through the biblical, the mythological, the historical and the fantastical, wondering really what is true and what is not is all part of the fun though. 

You can keep an eye out in the following blogs for such things as: deep meaningful quotes from the various famous philosophers and the Bible, hidden alien symbols with Egyptian tombs and chambers, hybrid-animals with genetically modified DNA, dark underground places mentioned within sacred mythological texts and much more!

For now the blog will be monthly, and I invite you to join me on this research journey. My hope is that it may make you look at the world that bit differently, maybe believe a little more in the unusual and out of this world and of course help you to find those Easter eggs in my books! You are also welcome to share with me anything strange but true that you come across – I am also curious to hear it!

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