I was recently asked who my favourite character is from Spirits of the Dead. It is always hard to pick a favourite character that I have written about. Part of the fun in writing, is coming up with lovable or evil characters! If I write well, I hope to enjoy each and every one of them.

My lead kid, Christopher is pretty cool, and his friend, Jason too — who is the standard sidekick and comedic relief. I actually really like Jason, as I had a friend just like him when I was young. I really enjoyed remembering him and letting him be such a big part of my story.

Another character that sort of moved from the background to the foreground was a chap called Dr Tabernacle. This is one interesting guy. He is a combination of a few people that I know. He has some good qualities and reminds me of gentlemen of a bygone era that naturally emanated manners and etiquette — a sorely missed attribute in this day and age. Whether his outward manners mask any darker intentions, one will have to see as the series progresses.

But in this book, my favourite to write was actually the utterly evil local priest, Reverent McBride. He has some wonderful characteristics that were just so much fun to create. Actually he is a composite character based off a few stories that I have heard, and people I have met.

Writing for a dark and twisted soul was always going to be great to get my teeth into. These fellows are somewhat complex, in that they are also the driving force behind the main characters pitfalls and terrors. They have their own mental reasons for doing what they do, and the darker they have fallen from a place of morality, the more it tends to show upon their face and in their actions.

I find that evil characters are the glue that provide the excitement, the apprehension and the reasons not to go out late at night for both our main characters and my readers!

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