Time for Obsession

by: Stephen J. Willis

From just one innocent glance out of a window at a desirable young man, a beautiful woman is driven beyond her sensibilities to where want and desire know no boundaries. With youth comes innocence; where there is sanity one can surely find insanity. And where reason has become Joey’s only weapon… Based on a true story.


Absolutely loved this story, could not put the book down! More stories like this please! K Hewett

The Figure In The Mist

by: Stephen J. Willis

Driving back late one night, a weary driver experiences something inexplicably supernatural, when he finds himself unavoidably lost, and stops to consult an old wooden signpost. Then, upon witnessing a ghostly figure watching him from deep within some woodland, he wonders if he has some unearthly part to play. Is the local folklore tale to be his only logical justification to explain this spectral apparition?

Super short ghost story…


An enjoyable short read. Hopefully this is the beginning of many more to follow. KJ


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One Winter’s Day In June

by: Stephen J. Willis

Enslaved by a past life memory and beaten into submission by his own mind, young Oliver is becoming further and further disconnected from the world about him, as an invisible force takes control of his subconscious. Unable to reach deep into his psyche, Oliver is prey to the psychological trauma of an impossible past. A force which dictates both thoughts and feelings he cannot escape. Yet Oliver reacts out of character to an unknown male visitor, to whom his distraught mother, now at her wits end, responds with both fear and dislike. Can this unexpected stranger liberate the child from his own behavioural constraints? An incredible short story based on a true event.

Some years ago, and quite by chance I heard Stephen J Willis give a talk to a group of people. He was witty, engaging and one of the stories he told appears in his latest book ‘One Winter’s Day in June’. He held the crowd completely captivated by this fascinating and touching story. I was delighted to find out that he had finally committed his story to the written word. G. Levett