Well, with the Christopher Daring rush of madness now settling into a more normal routine I thought it was time to give some love to my other books. That is why I am excited to say that I am participating in another Book Hub giveaway!

Book Hub are offering readers a chance to win Amazon vouchers and a thriller book bundle this month. Enter here to win a copy of my book, What’s the Time Mr Wolfdog? plus five other great thrillers: Enter Giveaway!

Currently, I am occupied finishing up By Order of the Shaman. This was to be another novella to fit into my series of short true stories, currently consisting of One Winter’s Day in June and Time for Obsession. However, it has naturally progressed into a much bigger story than I originally planned. The second draft is all but done and will shortly be in the hands of my beta-readers. So keep your eyes peeled for more information there.

I already have some exciting artwork I had specially created for this book. These are called ambigrams and they have a large significance within the story. You can get a preview of them here:


I hope you are currently enjoying some great books!

All the best,
Stephen J Willis