Here we are at the end of June…somehow! With Summer well on its way so is the Christopher Daring series. Book 1, The Spirits of The Dead is now a wrap and is with the formatter! Book 2, The Forest of Riddles is coming along, it recently came back from the editor and I am making some minor changes, then off it goes for a final proofread. 

In the meantime, the cover for book 2 has been designed, you may have seen the sneak peek on social media, and now I have the final version. I absolutely love it, and really feel that Andrew, the illustrator, has captured the magic contained in this second book. 

Here is it is! I would love to hear your feedback, what do you think?

With these final actions I am about to hit the end of stage one for these books, creating a product I am proud of. Stage two is publishing and then marketing them. After all my hard work, I don’t want my books to end up sinking into oblivion, I want them in the hands of readers! 

For that reason, my team and I are coming up with a release plan, so keep your eyes peeled for a publishing date and other exciting news.

If anyone has any merchandising requests, then please feel free to suggest them now. Printed items such as mugs, T-shirts and bags would be the most common and they may well be prepared for the upcoming release!