Hello everyone,

I told you to keep your eyes peeled for exciting Christopher Daring news and I am pleased to tell you it is already happening. My first giveaway begins today!

In celebration of ‘The Spirits of The Dead’ eBook being completely ready I am giving away five advanced reader copies! This is only available for you, my amazing subscribers, and I thought I would keep it simple, the first five to reply asking for a copy will receive it.

Here is a quick reminder of what it is all about:

“Through the darkness of a starless night a tall shadowy figure rode silently along the long wet road. His black cloak flapped about him like the wings of a great vampire bat. Christopher Daring looked on from his bedroom window, both intrigue and suspicion forming the seed of a new adventure.


Once accompanied by his best friend Jason, they embark upon a ghostly trail into the unknown. They soon find themselves fighting for their lives as they become unexpectedly entwined with both the living and the dead.


Upon Jason becoming spiritually trapped and in danger of being lost to the clutches of death itself, Christopher takes up a quest to find a missing golden pocket watch, that should restore balance to the dark forces that surround them all. But, the twisted greed of the local ghostly priest and his demonic hound, Satan, have other ideas.


With time running out Christopher must utilise every ounce of his cunning to outmanoeuvre and outsmart the various barriers and mysteries that present themselves.”

Email me at stephenjwillisauthor@gmail.com to apply for an ARC copy of Spirits of the Dead!

I do hope many of you are excited for the release, and don’t worry, for those of you who don’t win the giveaway this week, the book will have a publication date and be available for pre-order very soon.

Things are moving along well with the Forest of Riddles and a similar giveaway for this book will be heading your way next month!

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