A bit of a biography

For some, Stephen has lead a fascinating life of deliberate curiosity and of thrilling adventure. He has shared extraordinary true stories, of which, have tended to push some peoples’ imagination or believability to their limits. These stories and their retelling, whether in his writings or in general social intercourse, has over the years, lead some into further fascination and wonder of the world about us.

It is not the travelling to far off lands, and in meeting uncultured indigenous locals from where he has gathered such unusual stories, but from the normal people that walk amongst us. Secret groups, spiritual societies, magic circles, the deluded unloved and the gifted unknown, he seems to have met his fair share. Yet, beneath it all, he had wanted to walk with them all. He wanted to experience their unordered or unorthodox universes of self-created illusion, to experience their unique abilities and to bathe in their magical persistence for living. For Stephen, this was life, this was living. “People are fascinating – if only you give them a chance to Be, and then you will see what light they bring.”

He was once told by someone that he ought to limit himself and to just be happy to exist. His reply was, that if he just wanted to exist, he would have come back as a plant. “A life lived, is a life of daring, of questioning, of disagreeing, of learning and of experience. What is the point otherwise?”

“Adventure is all about us, if only we dare to walk its path of unknown possibilities. One has to be brave, to seek out and explore, and to be willing to experience that which is not known.”

Writer / Author

For years people would ask Stephen to write-up the various adventures and stories that he would so often recount at social events and parties. The more fascinating people he had encountered, the more bizarre and exciting the stories would be, and so the more enthralled his audiences would also become.

So, to please a friend, that made him promise to write-up one of his more fascinating true stories, he began. After requests for more written works, he finally started on his literary journey.

The first few books were shorts and he experimented with them by putting them on a few websites. Both to his surprise and delight, they were read by over fourteen thousand people. And this, in turn, gave him the confidence to step-up his game and begin writing both novels and novelettes in earnest.

With his forewords penned by a variety of celebrities, and those with noticeable social standing, you can be rest assured of a good old-fashioned read, no matter the written genre.

Stephen hopes you enjoy his collection of books and stories, and that you get as lost in the pages as he did.


Playing someone else, can be both challenging and fun as an actor, it puts one on a path of self-discovery and self-adventure. You can push yourself into the mindset of another, entirely different individual, and see where it takes you. Stephen has had various different and brilliant acting coaches over the years, that he feels have helped him tremendously.

Here is a link to a short film that he was in a few years back by the talented David Paul Irons; Casting Call. The genre is film-noir, it premiered at the Cannes film festival and won the ‘National award for Best Short in the UK’ at the Cambridge International Film Festival Cam*era. Additionally it was ‘archived’ by the BFI (British Film Industry) for being a classic UK short film.

And, as with every actor, within his arsenal, may he present his Showreel:

He is also a proud Equity member and can be found on Spotlight – a true compendium of actors and actresses. See this award-winning short film Stephen has featured in.

Radio Comedy

This small selection of audio clips, was submitted as part of a new comedy pilot for the talented Producer and Presenter Iyare Igiehon, when he was working with the BBC. With a Batchelor’s degree in Popular Music Studies, he has worked with BBC 6 Music, BBC 1Xtra and is now the founder of S.O.U.L.

Under the working title of Renegade Airways, this section of new work was to be expanded to include further sketches and characters. The radio comedy was co-written and predominantly performed by: Stephen J Willis, Aidan Lean and Leon Hamilton.

Sadly, at the time, the head of comedy for the radio station was suddenly relocated within the industry and so Renegade Airways never saw the light of day.

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