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Welcome to the newly updated and visually refreshed Christopher Daring Adventures! 

As some of you know, prior to this more ‘fully formed’ creation of The Christopher Daring Adventure series, I had written two smaller ghost stories — one following on from the other. They were called: The Ghostly Penny Farthing and The Golden Pocket Watch. This new adventure, Spirits of the Dead, is actually a combination of these two smaller books with some added chapters, new characters and plot developments, so as to create this larger and more comprehensive version. In this way I was able to bring them more smoothly and fully into the larger and more complex world of The Christopher Daring Adventures. You will find that this new version will open the door to an expanding story that is explained more fully throughout each book in the series.

The Spirits of The Dead

(book I)

by: Stephen J. Willis

Book One of a new exciting fantasy book series:

Through the darkness of a starless night a tall shadowy figure rode silently along the long wet road. His black cloak flapped about him like the wings of a great vampire bat. Christopher Daring looked on from his bedroom window, both intrigue and suspicion forming the seed of a new adventure.

Once accompanied by his best friend Jason, they embark upon a ghostly trail into the unknown. They soon find themselves fighting for their lives as they become unexpectedly entwined with both the living and the dead.

Upon Jason becoming spiritually trapped and in danger of being lost to the clutches of death itself, Christopher takes up a quest to find a missing golden pocket watch, that should restore balance to the dark forces that surround them all. But, the twisted greed of the local ghostly priest and his demonic hound, Satan, have other ideas.

With time running out Christopher must utilise every ounce of his cunning to outmanoeuvre and outsmart the various barriers and mysteries that present themselves.

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The Christopher Daring Adventures:

The Forest of Riddles

(book II)

by: Stephen J. Willis

Book Two of a new exciting fantasy book series:

Within a tall whispering forest, night-time eyes blink in mesmerized wonder at a magical blue spectacle that dances all about them in the silence. So enchanting is this mysterious woodland, that it bewitches all that dare to cross its path.

But as darkness falls and the creatures stir, something else awakens deep within. For under the watchful eye of an unknown foe, a creeping menace ponders the fate of these dancing lights.

Invited to stay with his grandfather, Charlie, over the spring holidays, Christopher, along with his best mate Jason and new friend Poppy, venture up by train to the beautiful landscapes of Scotland. Here, they must unravel the many secrets weaved amongst sacred symbols and enchanting nocturnal lights that are hidden within this magical forest. For they alone hold the key to solving an ancient entrapment of a lost civilization.


I think I’ve read all of Stephen J Willis’ books by now. Each is completely different from the other but what they all have in common is there is always some clever, unexpected twist to it…

G. Gerber