Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for the amazing response to last months Spirits of the Dead giveaway. It was so large I increased the giveaway from 5 copies to 10!

As promised I am now doing a giveaway for the second Christopher Daring Adventure: The Forest of Riddles! This is only available to you fantastic subscribers; the first 10 to request a copy will receive it! The only difference is those who won a copy of Spirits of the Deadlast month, will not be included in this month’s giveaway.

Here is a quick reminder of what it is all about:

Within a tall whispering forest, night-time eyes blink in mesmerized wonder at a magical blue spectacle that dances all about them in the silence. So enchanting is this mysterious woodland, that it bewitches all that dare to cross its path.

But as darkness falls and the creatures stir, something else awakens deep within. For under the watchful eye of an unknown foe, a creeping menace ponders the fate of these dancing lights.

Invited to stay with his grandfather, Charlie, over the spring holidays, Christopher, along with his best mate Jason and new friend Poppy, venture up by train to the beautiful landscapes of Scotland. Here, they must unravel the many secrets weaved amongst sacred symbols and enchanting nocturnal lights that are hidden within this magical forest. For they alone hold the key to solving an ancient entrapment of a lost civilization.

Email me at stephenjwillisauthor@gmail.com to apply for an ARC copy of The Forest of Riddles!

Though this is a series, they work totally as standalone novels, and can be read in any sequence.

I do hope many of you are excited for the release, and don’t worry, for those of you who don’t win the giveaway this week, the book will have a publication date and be available for pre-order very soon.

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