Spirits of the Dead – My Inspiration

Spirits of the Dead – My Inspiration

My initial inspiration for this book came from a real ghostly building in my local town. The high street here contains many preserved buildings dating as far back as the 14th century so it has many old and unusual locations.

One foggy morning, at 3am, I was out walking along The High Street, trying to shift a rather nasty migraine. I remember stopping in my tracks as an unexpected pressure upon my chest caused me to take in a deep breath.

I looked up at an old bicycle shop, where a big period bike sat gathering dust in the window. Everything about the shop display was grey and lost in the past. There was a pull to the top floor windows, where I felt the presence of someone looking down at me from behind the blackened windows. It was a very odd sensation. As I stared up I got the impression that the person was a young girl who had been stuck up there for over a hundred years.

I remember thinking how that poor girl had died up there so many moons ago. I of course, immediately questioned where on earth that feeling had come from. Being late, I tried to dismiss it and press on with my walk, still determined to shift the migraine. The seed of a story, however, had been planted in my mind.

What really made it real for me was that over the next few weeks, I happened to walk past the same shop with two different friends. On both occasions when I asked them what they thought of this practically invisible shop, they too raised a hand to their chest and mentioned that they suddenly felt an odd constriction there. They were both bowled over when I told them of my earlier experience and agreed that the place gave off a dark sort of foreboding.

The seed of this story blossomed into what became the short story, The Ghostly Penny Farthing, and now the full-length story, The Spirits of the Dead.

October Newsletter – Spooktacular News

October Newsletter – Spooktacular News


Another month is hurtling along… and with my birthday only days away, they seem to pass faster every year!

Well, I thought I’d update you on the last month or so. As you can imagine, it is quite a promotional period of time. You would not believe the amount of time and energy used getting everything ready. But it finally happened, I had my first book signing!


The book signing was a complete success and I practically sold out! People came and went all day, some staying for tea in the Book Shop and others diving off again because of the afternoon rain.




I must say, John Pye, the owner of the East Grinstead Book Shop was the perfect host. A natural orator and entertainer and he even effortlessly looked after the handful of kids that turned up at the shop. I also would like to thank the delightful Sarah Gillett for all her help and guidance in making sure that I was well prepared!



We had a competition at the book signing to win a £10 Amazon gift card if you subscribed to my mailing list. I want to announce and congratulate the lucky winner, Jake Reynolds! Please email me here, to claim your gift card.

I got to chat with the two bubbly presenters James Cannon and Lesley McCabe the other week. It was a great interview, wherein we talked about the two new books and the series overall.

I also had a great chat with local radio presenter Samantha Day. I was in the studio at 10:15 am (Wed 26th September) chatting about the books and my previous acting stints.


Incidentally, after our show aired, Sam shared with me a current project that she is also working on. She really is quite an adventurer herself and was telling me about her expedition trip to Malawi in Africa coordinated by Orbis Expeditions, a specialist company for educational, and philanthropic travel. There she is supporting various local groups promoting, amongst other things, female health. The two business initiatives are Tine Pads and WOLREC. If you are interested in supporting her initiative you can find out more here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ania-jeffries-1

I want to thank a few more people, then I’ll leave you with some photos of a few of the kind people who came to the signing.

Dave Neave, for his good company throughout the day. Katy Newell for coming down with her camera and taking an abundance of photos and Visit East Grinstead who very kindly mentioned the books and the launch in the local East Grinstead news.


Finally, I want to thank Leah Chalmers, from Chalmers Writing Services who has been flat out with all the coordination to pull everything off. If you are looking at writing or need some help in these areas, then she is your go-to-girl!




Well, I guess that is all for now… So, whilst I work away on my next book, a psychological drama based on a true event — I wish you all happy reading!

All the best,