June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Here we are at the end of June…somehow! With Summer well on its way so is the Christopher Daring series. Book 1, The Spirits of The Dead is now a wrap and is with the formatter! Book 2, The Forest of Riddles is coming along, it recently came back from the editor and I am making some minor changes, then off it goes for a final proofread. 

In the meantime, the cover for book 2 has been designed, you may have seen the sneak peek on social media, and now I have the final version. I absolutely love it, and really feel that Andrew, the illustrator, has captured the magic contained in this second book. 

Here is it is! I would love to hear your feedback, what do you think?

With these final actions I am about to hit the end of stage one for these books, creating a product I am proud of. Stage two is publishing and then marketing them. After all my hard work, I don’t want my books to end up sinking into oblivion, I want them in the hands of readers! 

For that reason, my team and I are coming up with a release plan, so keep your eyes peeled for a publishing date and other exciting news.

If anyone has any merchandising requests, then please feel free to suggest them now. Printed items such as mugs, T-shirts and bags would be the most common and they may well be prepared for the upcoming release!

To Persist or not to persist — that is the question? 

To Persist or not to persist — that is the question? 

An insight into American Riverdale actress,
Marisol Nichols’ rejection letters:
Image Credit: Marisol Nichols

To Persist or not to persist — that is the question?

Persistence is an interesting quality in a person. Every once in a while, I get asked why I keep bothering in the arts. Such an odd comment to make, I still cannot quite get my head around it. It is like someone is trying to invoke a state of failure or apathy. It’s almost like asking: why do you bother to keep putting your shoes on every morning? The answer applies to both; if I don’t, I won’t get to where I want to go.

But when is enough, simply enough? How do you judge when you want to stop or to even slow down? Well, only you can decide on that. But you can be sure on one thing, that if you decide to stop — to cease persisting — it is a cinch that you will NEVER make it — in anything!

If I had a pound for every one that told me that I would never get anywhere in the arts, I really would have a large bonus added to my bank account.

Believe it or not, before leaving school, I had a chat with my careers teacher. She informed me that I would never make it onto TV in the acting world, which was my first choice — but I actually did — by being persistent. She also told me not to get into computers as they would never take-off and that it was just a passing fad! What great vision she had! So, the lesson here is: you should always keep your own counsel and follow your heart. Sprinkle that with some persistence and boom, you are over halfway there!

Now, I also had the good fortune to hang out with my American friend and TV actress, Marisol Nichols the other week. Our chats got me thinking on the subject of persistence.

We spent the day wandering around London, where I had the chance to take her to some of the key sights. I took this arty photo below of her outside Buckingham Palace.

Here is what she had to say on her Facebook page about persistence:

A note about success. I’m so grateful for a Season 2 of #Riverdale and even more grateful to be on a show that so many fans have embraced. I’ve been acting for quite some time and had my share of ups and downs within the “business.” Pilot seasons where there were so many auditions and opportunities that I couldn’t see straight. Some resulted in shows, some resulted in heartbreak. I don’t think there’s a secret really, to Hollywood. I think it just takes persistence. And not giving up. Just like anything in life. Wanting something enough that you’ll never stop working hard for it. And no matter how many “No’s” you get no matter how many stops that get in the way, you just don’t give in. You don’t give up. And you keep going for it. I don’t know what the future is beyond Season 2 of #Riverdale but I know I’m damn grateful to be able to go to work and do what I love with people I love. I saved all the auditions I went on in between my last series and this one. And each audition, I tried….hard. And for whatever reason…it just didn’t happen. So I took this picture (at the top of the page) of all my auditions when Riverdale got picked up for its first season…as a reminder. And I think it applies to anything in life, any job…any goal. Never take it for granted and never stop believing hard work and persistence pays off.

Here we are at the end of a long Bank Holiday Monday:

So until next time, I shall persist with my next book… ????