February Newsletter

February Newsletter

I have a lot happening with the Christopher Daring series and so I thought I would tell you all about it.​

Originally I wrote two short Christopher Daring stories: The Ghostly Penny Farthing and The Golden Pocket Watch (these are currently available on Amazon). I then wrote the third book, but as I wrote, I found I had so much to say that it turned into a full-length novel. The series was finally taking hold and moving in the direction of a much bigger adventure story — one that I had actually envisioned when I was a teenager.

Following some advice, I combined my first two books and added to the story to create a brand-new novel: Spirits of The Dead. This, followed by my next book, now named The Forest of Riddles are the two exciting books I am currently working on.

You can see the trailer for the original books here, before they too are updated.

So now to give you the update:

Spirits of the Dead has just come back from a thorough editing job and once I make the final critiques the text is done and dusted! The Forest of Riddles has gone off to the editor and that should be back within a few weeks too.

Meanwhile I have contacted a new illustrator to make beautiful personalised front cover art. As seen on the wonderful Royal Institute of Magic series:

To add to the magic inside the book, The Forest of Riddles is also having some internal illustrations done as we speak!

Therefore you can see that though things appear quiet, that is just a precursor to wonderful things to come.

In other news, for any of you on Goodreads, we have an exciting giveaway happening for What’s the Time Mr Wolfdog, here: Giveaway

I have a monthly blog, and if you missed the email about it, you can read all about that here.